Oil & Gas Industry IOT Connected Solution
July 11, 2017
Intelligent Transport System
July 11, 2017

IOT Building Automation System

In an era where microchips are embedded in everything that operates electronically, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is showing up everywhere, from cars that drive themselves to smart thermostats and health-monitoring bracelets. In commercial and institutional facilities, the Building IoT already has made significant inroads in lighting, HVAC, video surveillance, and numerous other building systems and subsystems.

IoT Services and Solutions Dubai

As the Building IoT expands, facility managers may wonder what role the building automation system (BAS) will play in this brave new world of sensors and Big Data. After all, the Building IoT offers a new range of options for advanced functions like aggregating data and detecting hidden faults in HVAC operations. Our IOT team see the BAS as being enhanced with expanded capabilities and functionality.