AV Solutions

  • IPTV Solutions

    An IPTV system deployed within a business enables hundreds of channels of TV and video to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs and PCs connected to your existing data network. IPTV delivers television content using IP signals rather than traditional, terrestrial satellite signals. A particular form of transmission known as IP multicasting is used to minimize the demand on network bandwidth. TVs are connected to your network by a small IP Receiver controlled using an infrared remote control handset. PC users do not require any additional hardware and select channels using a control panel displayed on the PC screen. We offer a full set of IPTV components including DVB-Gateways, (DVBS2, DVBT2, DVBC), several levels Middleware, Linux and Android Set Top Boxes and Smart TVs.

  • Interactive Solutions

    Interactive solutions allow you to engage with your audience in extraordinary ways. Information can be displayed, captured, manipulated, and shared quickly and easily. Whether it’s for your meeting room, lobby, classroom, command center, courtroom, or training facility, interactive solutions offer a level of engagement and excitement unlike any other.

    We can help you create an inspiring and enriching interactive environment in any space. We offer quality interactive panels, both with multi-touch and multi-write capabilities, to optimize participation and interaction. Our handheld devices such as Chromebooks and interactive PC’s, make for a completely mobile and cost-effective collaboration solution. It’s never been easier to bring interactivity to life!

  • Meeting Room & Class Room Solutions UAE

    Today’s demands for idea sharing and collaboration are changing more rapidly than ever. From the modern day conference room to today’s evolving classroom, there’s greater need for the right technology solutions. TCT provides integrated solutions to help meet these challenges, and to solve modern day collaboration needs. From video distribution and collaboration to room book, control and infrastructure needs, We provides the solution expertise coupled with the product portfolio to build solution that fit your needs.

  • Digital Signage

    We offer digital signage and screens which let you deliver an instant message to your customers. These solutions enable you to easily update the content and save on printing costs. Digital screens are useful tools for communicating information and promotions especially at points of sale.

    Digital or dynamic signage is a specialized form of slivercasting in which video or multimedia content is displayed in public places to serve informational or advertising purposes in an effective and interactive way.

  • Public Address

    Our PA solutions are best suited for large organizations such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, airports and facilities that need to make announcements or declare states of emergency. Public Address systems are highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly. We design, implement, test, and handle the maintenance of systems, from simple microphone and speaker arrangements to full evacuation systems based on a thorough assessment of the client’s needs.

  • Video Conferencing

    We offer a selection of high quality video conferencing systems that redefine your audiovisual communication experience. Our solutions enable you to connect teams in different locations and on multiple devices seamlessly. Our High Definition Video Conference System Technology is flexible and allows you to connect with fixed installations at any location with full visual clarity and uninterrupted voice responses. These video conferencing systems can be combined with cloud video conferencing systems that give optimal performance with the power of the cloud.