Security Solutions
July 19, 2017
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July 19, 2017

Intrusion Alarm and Antitheft Alarm

Intrusion Alarm:We offer a security alarm system designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or specified area.

Our portfolio of security alarm systems includes intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions that compensate for VoIP. Our security alarms are designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into any premise. This helps protect commercial, public, and residential properties alike against burglary or property damage.

Anti-theft Alarm:We offer an anti-theft alarm system with an electronic immobilizer, offering maximum protection against theft.

Our anti-theft alarm is equipped with audible and visual warning signals that strike the attention of passers-by and deter potential thieves. Through one or multiple sensors, the alarm systems detect unauthorized entry and trigger a warning signal by alerting a home device to indicate the intrusion.